Lakewoodi Hellakesed & Gaidid “KUNGLA”

Kungla201415Liisa Mai Karuks


Next Saturday, on June 4, 2016,  is our camp out at the Lakewood Estonian house. It starts at 1pm. Here is the schedule of activities for the weekend. The same day talgud are scheduled. This is a separate event from the Kungla camp out.

Invited – Parents and kids of the Kungla troop. This is for FAMILIES.

$10.00 donation per family to the Lakewood Eesti Maja.

Bring a bathing suit as a great way to cool off is to have a water balloon fight.

I need extra hair dryers for our crayon art project with Krista. The more hair dryers we have the faster the craft will go.

We will be sleeping in TENTS outside,so please bring a tent and camping gear.

Bring a white T-shirt for tie dying.

Niels is going to teach the girls how to cook a delicious meal.

Saun will be open for anyone who wants to use it.

Campfire with cooking hotdogs and s’mores. And singing laage.

If you have an guitar bring it for a guitar lessons with Pia on Sunday morning.

Also if anyone wants to bring something to snack on like ice pops or a watermelon, please let me know.

Here is the schedule of activities for the weekend.

*Putting tents up
*Tie dye T-shirt – everyone needs to bring a white T-shirt.
* Crayon art with Krista Pustrom
* Cooking with Niels Pustrom
* Nature walk
* Dinner
*Loke / Campfire
* Lights out

* Breakfast
* Guitar lessons with Pia
* Time to go home.

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